Mgr. Šárka Moulet

Coaching & Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The meaning of politeness

I am convinced that each of us has an incredible power to influence our life and life of other people. It is only our decision how we treat ourselves and others. Every day when we wake up, we can decide how we will spend our day. Of course, we all have some responsibilities that cannot be bypassed and neglected. However, I am talking about what kind of signal we will send to our surroundings.

Have you ever tried to get direct eye contact with a stranger while walking down the street and just sending them a smile? Most people, even if they were frowning and lost in their thoughts before, will smile back at you. You can try it. It’s like the meeting of two unknown souls. Everyone has their own problems and troubles, and they just meet for a moment and send each other a message: “I don’t know you, but I feel empathy, and I wish you a nice day.”


Deciding to be polite, to be nice to someone, to help, or to exchange a few kind words with someone makes a huge difference. You have set off a domino effect – a person who received courtesy as a gift from you will feel the need to pass it on. Not only that, he will live his entire day differently than when he meets someone who will behave rudely and spread negativity for miles around.

Send smiles, spread warmth and don’t skimp on decency and courtesy. You will change the life of other people, but most of all you will change it for yourself. Because what you send out will definitely come back to you.

I wish you nice days full of empathy, politeness and beautiful meetings.