Mgr. Šárka Moulet

Coaching & Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Take off your mask

Already in childhood, when someone hurt us, we learned to put on a mask in certain situations, because we avoided another injury. As we get older, we strategically keep the mask on at more and more moments in our lives until we can become quite lost behind our mask. It’s as if we’ve become one with our put-on mask and perhaps can no longer take it off.
It protects us from the injuries that our surroundings might inflict on us. It allows us to hide our emotions and feelings without anyone seeing them. If we were to show our emotions, we would show our vulnerability and vulnerability is not appropriate or accepted in today’s society.
Our mask makes us fit in with the grey crowd and the grey crowd accepts us as their own because we are part of it.
Take it off! Just take it off and be yourself, you are unique and you live your life here and now. To show your weaknesses it means courage, not failure, and I wish you the courage to do so.