Mgr. Šárka Moulet

Coaching & Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Our personal freedom

A long time ago I read an article that discussed the topic of personal freedom and asked the question: How would you define your personal freedom ?

I was very interested in the article and really thought about the topic. It made me realize that very often during our lives we do things that others tell us are the right way. We often do everything the way others want us to do it and most importantly not to disappoint their expectations. However, we are completely unaware that we are betraying ourselves by our behaviour. In the pursuit of being exactly as other people want us to be, we end up letting ourselves down. In most cases, our epiphany does not come until later in life. I don’t know if this applies or has applied to you, but many people live this way.   

So I wrote my own definition of personal freedom:   

“I don’t care what others think about my journey, how I look, how I dress, or what I do. I don’t do things to satisfy other people’s fantasies. I only do things that make sense to me. I walk my path and don’t question it just because others have a different opinion. I’m not afraid to speak my own mind. Others may not agree with me. If others don’t agree with me, it doesn’t mean they don’t like me or that I’m bad. I can be wrong, I have the right not to know – I don’t have to be perfect even for myself and especially not for others.”

And what is your definition of personal freedom ?  Think about it and write your own definition on paper. Maybe it will help you realize some things.